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I am working on a site design for an outdoor festival and I am trying to model some of the feature around it such as the road, sidewalk, boulevards etc. The sidewalk i made with polylines which I extruded to 8" to the specified height. I applied a concrete texture on it but I am only able to see it in 2D - top plan - not 3D. I then tried to convert the sidewalk portion into a symbol, which i selected as slab, then set the Z height to 8" but I am still unable to see the texture in 3D only in 2D. 


I am currently using Spotlight and was wondering if anyone knew of a method to see the texture in 2D and 3D? 


See the images below and working file.


Thanks in advance everyone.


A Smith 






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Does the sidewalk have a solid fill in it's attributes? Is it stacked below the terrain?


In general, textures do not show in 2D, you can add a hatch to a texture and see that in 2D if you view the 2D in a hidden line view, not wireframe.

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I looked at your file. You've not applied a texture to the objects: you have just applied an image fill.


To give them a texture in 3d you need to assign a texture, which is more than just an image. You can assign the texture either per object or per class (and then have each object take the texture of whatever class they are in).


I like to do it by class, for various reasons that I'll not try and explain here.


Fills and textures, and what shows in 2d vs 3d, can be quite confusing. It gets more confusing for things like slabs where you get into assigning by object, or by object component, and for tops/sides/bottoms etc.


If it's any consolation, I've been using VW for about 15 years and still get confused by this and have to remind myself how it works periodically.

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