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Worksheets show up in the wrong place on sheet layer VW 2019



I updated to SP2 today, hoping my issue would be solved, but it wasn't to be. Since upgrading to VW 2019, my worksheets placed on annotations of sheet layers sometimes show up

in the wrong location, only to show up in their proper locations after c-c and then v-v (zooming out and then back in) See attached screen shots. In the first one, I've selected 'all' in the annotation and the orange square shows where one of the worksheets should be when the sheet layer is first opened. That blank square is where I have to click in order to select the sheet layer, which can be seen (but isn't clickable) in the wrong location. 

Anyone else have this issue? It occurs on older files as well as new ones native to 2019.



Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.47.20 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 11.47.28 AM.png

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Hi Ken,


I've wondered if its a graphics card too - I'm on a new 27 inch iMac with 8MB graphics card.

I've been wondering if the new machine is a lemon as there have also been a couple of minor graphic "mistakes" in safari and system preferences.


VW has the most of these however, with both 2019 SP1 and SP2 on Mojave.

The most problematic one has been when undo won't work properly - the class and layer setting will change but not the object position.

I've noticed it after both mirror and move.

It happens randomly.

The oddest example was when I manually moved a roof back to the correct position and it showed correctly in top/plan but was stuck at the old position in isometric.

I'm not able to reproduce this bug, so it's hard to pinpoint what's wrong.

It seem to occur mainly with BIM objects like walls and roofs.

When it happens, I just hope I've saved recently, close the file and reopen - a real time waster.


The VW distributor suggested I try hitting "reset" in VW preferences.

So far so good, I'll post back if the undo bug reappears...




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