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[SOLID SUBTRACTION] Object Selection Unavailable exiting solid subtraction

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Anyone else experience this behavior?


In short, when I edit the body of the fixture, and enter the solid subtraction of the lens face, I am able to perform all the expected operations of selecting geometry. Once I exit the subtraction and return to "Group #2" & "Group #1" I am unable to select any part of the symbol objects, and nothing appears in my OIP.


Exiting up one more level I am able to select the 2D geometry, but not the 3D.


Exiting the symbol entirely, and then editing it again will restore my ability to select objects.


I've attached the file and a video.



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I've seen behaviour like this in VW2019. It sometimes seems to switch between editing the 2d and 3d components of a symbol when you don't want or ask it to. Its made worse when you edit within container objects (extrudes, solids operations, groups, nested symbols) within symbols. I'm hoping that its a bug or series of bugs. @Matt Panzer may be able to confirm.


If the behaviour is reproducible in your file I would Bug Submit it using the link at the bottom of this page.





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