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I’m having a problem with Room Name Simple labels scaling to tiny sizes. 


I have about 50 doors & windows in my building, and have a symbol for each tag. The only thing inside the symbol is a Room Name Simple label, which shows a Number and the Width and Height. The symbols live in the sheet layer annotations for plan, elevation, window schedule, and more. 


Recently I opened my drawing and all the tags were 1/48th of the size. (I use 1/4”=1’0 scale.) It seems like the symbol itself isn’t scaled, but the Room Name label inside each symbol was scaled. 


To try to fix it, I opened an older file with correct symbols and attempted to copy/paste/replace the tiny symbols in my current file. This worked! For a handful of the symbols, but the others seemed to think the old-file symbol was identical to the current-file symbol, and so didn’t import/replace it at all. Now I have a couple normal-sized tags, with mostly tiny-sized tags. I can’t see any reason for some returning to normal size and others not.


Is this a glitch? Is this a world-based vs. page-based scaling issue? Is there a scale setting for the labels? Is it because the symbols exist only in SLVP annotations, and no longer in a design layer? 


Please help, thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.41.27 AM.png

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