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3D Label Legends not displaying in Clip Cube Viewport - VW2019


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Hi all,


I've just moved over to VW2019 SP2.  I'm having a problem with 3D label legends displaying in Viewports which are made from a Clip Cube.  If I make a front elevation Viewport on a sheet layer without the clip cube, the label legends display fine.  If I use the clip cube to make the viewport, then they disappear.   


File attached.  Any input most welcome!  Thanks.


55094471_ScreenShot2018-11-27at09_04_33.thumb.png.365ae12c46c25433775e7499eee7d2da.png3D Label Legend - Clip Cube .vwx

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Hi Charlie,


Thanks for having a look at this.


Yes it's a section viewport made from a clip cube where the issue is showing up.  

The file you uploaded displays the 3D legends ok, but it's not a section viewport from the clip cube.  I'm trying to use a section viewport to isolate a small part of my drawing.


Did VW support offer you any explanations/fixes or workarounds?


Interestingly, if I export a PDF of the sheet layer with a section viewport, the 3D Label Legends shows up.  It's just on the screen where it's not visible.


All the best,



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Likewise, since it's introduction 'section viewport from clip cube' has been indispensable for me. 


I haven't actually seen confirmation from Vectorworks that they recognise this as a bug yet.  In the test file I sent VSS they deleted the section viewport from the clip cube, replaced it with a standard viewport (in elevation) and told me it was fixed...



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Hi Mark,


Thanks for sending that over (So promptly!)


The issue I'm having is with section viewports made from clip cubes:  (Your file has standard viewports in it, not section viewports).




When I make section viewports made from clip cubes the 3D legend does not display in hidden line, but does in other render modes:



File attached.  Have a look if you have time and let me know what you think.










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Ha. How right you are. Sorry, I didn't read all of the thread properly. For now, you could play around with the lighting in OpenGL and set it to 10,000 to effectively get a white-out and the use Foreground Hidden Line which does seem to work..... For that to work, you will need to set your lighting fixture textures to non-black.




Will you submit this as a bug?

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Hi Mark,


No worries. VSS had exactly the same response as you at first. I’ve been in a very slow email exchange with them over this issue. (Two weeks so far...) I’ve yet to get an acceptance from them that this is a bug. It’s very helpful to know others are seeing the same behaviour. 


Interesting workaound. Thanks for that. I’ll give it a whirl!





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