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Jim Smith

Dual Dimension Discovery

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Thought I'd share this technique I discovered by accident:

 We generally work in metric but some clients & or contractors would prefer an imperial set of drawings. VW allows us to do this, but as zoning is all in metric this has presented us with a challenge, do we "freeze" a permit set in metric, then start a new file as a construction set? As I say,  I accidentally  discovered a solution for situations such as these: Produce an imperial set, then on the site and zoning plans use a Dual Dimension (with the 2nd dimension in meters ) but uncheck the "Show Dim Value" in the OIP. The result is the 2nd (metric) dimension is visible but no feet & inches to confuse things. 

I've also started using this with some clients in Design Development in the opposite way to show room sizes in imperial values.



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It would be great if we could designate a unit type to each dimension object individually.  I run into the problem where some of our site drawings have to be in decimal feet, and the rest of the drawings in feet/inches.  As it stands now, changing the units preference changes everything globally, so I have to set up a separate file just for those sheets and viewports that need to be in decimal feet.

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On 11/27/2018 at 1:40 PM, P Retondo said:

It would be great if we could designate a unit type to each dimension object individually.  


I agree, but you may find that my technique would work in your context as well; just set the 2nd of the Dual Dims as Feet & set the number of decimal places required.

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