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VW19 SP2 dramatic slow down...



this happens in different tools and things i am doing.

starting with selecting doors or windows that are placed in walls. after clicking on the elements it take 3-5 seconds that the spinning ball stops and the info in the oip gets visible.

editing path´s of extruded obects results in a sluggish interface where it takes some time that snapping point inside the path are found and snapped to.

moving a section viewport inside a sheet layer takes 2-3 second to get a redraw while the spinning ball is visible.

all geometry was buildt up in 2019, some parts converted from a 2018 version.


i stepped back to sp1.1 and the overall interface is much faster.


anyone else with this behauvior?


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Pardon me but the OIP (Object Info Pallette) is critical and in every other program I've ever used it is docked. In some it's permanently docked as it's role is integral. So when you say undock the palette I get concerned. Why should a docked palette cause a problem. Especially this palette. As it is, all palettes should be able to be docked and locked. Right now the other palettes have a nasty habit of un-docking and then you have to go through the tedious process of getting them to redock. This is in another thread but related. OK so, I've had issue with Autocad and it's issues but now I'm facing the similar stuff with Vectorworks. Stop adding new bells and whistles and make the existing software solid. I know you are dealing with ios changes but this stuff shouldn't be associated with IOS.

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in some cases this helps, in others it does not make any difference.

i opened another question regarding different activation times when selecting special object types.

here it seems that undocking the oip speeds up this selection and showing the appropriate info in the oip.


but - selecting 4800 lines (the result of an hidden line render) takes 18 seconds...

in vw2018 it takes 9 seconds

in vw2017 it takes a bit more than 1 second....


didn´t test this in sp2. still sp1.1 here...


this is more than a dramatic slow down...


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5 hours ago, doberman69 said:

Why should a docked palette cause a problem.


I think because Software is a mess and complex in general.

(Some in special)

I had similar in another Software where several of my Crash Reports

weres simply related to that I allowed myself to have a Layer Palette open.

Looks like I was the only one who did so.

When I closed that Pallette, everthing worked fine.

(It was a year ago, BTW, also on Mac and also docked)


Of course that was fixed with the next SP.

I wonder how Support found out such strange reason at all.


For VW it looks a bit more tricky as the OIP problems under

Mojave were already obvious directly after release.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
3 hours ago, bjoerka said:

what i see is that, the more drawings are opened, things get slower the longer you work without restarting vw.

after a restart and the same amount of opened drawings, in the beginning it is normal but gets slower the longer you work...

@bjoerka next time you see this can you check the RAM usage and see if you're maxing out your RAM when the slowdown occurs? Once the RAM gets used up your machine will start offloading data to the hard drive or SSD, which can really slow things down. On Mac you can check the RAM usage through the Activity Monitor, and on Windows you can do it through the Task Manager.


Best Regards,



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i watched this the last hours...

as i had opened 8 drawings, vw took nearly 15gb of the available ram. the machine i am working on has got 32gb ram

other applications that were running are chrome, mail, rhino.

closing 5 of the larger drawings leads down to 9gb.

closing the tabs and reorganising took several seconds (nearly about 8-10) in which vw was not responding (spinning wheel)

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maybe this is something that has to do with it.

after closing and reopening vw i worked with 2 drawings. mixture of 2d and 3d

as long as i worked in wireframe the ram usage raised up to 2.5 to 2.8gb

after i switched to opengl it rapidly jumps to 7.4gb

changing the visibility of one class for more objects it goes up to 9gb

switching back to wireframe does not release any memory...


the lid of the macbook is closed.

connected display is a lg curved, 3440px by 1440px

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VW2019 had been relatively stable for me until today (a day with a deadline of course). Suddenly everything went wrong with my file - multiple corrupt sheet layer viewports, spinning beach balls, all sorts of slowdowns. I reset the preferences, restarted both my machine and VW, and did most of my regular troubleshooting but nothing seemed to improve things. It seems the when something goes bad in VW2019, it really goes bad. I can't remember ever having this much trouble with VW.... very frustrating.




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Sorry I can not tell from the posts... Is the anemic performance of v2019 just on the Mac or is the PC version having the same issues? We are using 2013 Mac Pros (trash cans) and my staff has shelved 2019 and gone back to 2018 after two months of griping. Unfortunately this is causing headaches because we have projects in both versions in development. Does switching platforms help? Thanks


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I cannot speak to anyone else' s platform but I'm using a Mac on OS 10.14. I must say that I'm a little disappointed as this problem was first reported last November and I suspect that the number of people affected is far greater than reported in this discussion group with no real sign of a fix. 

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This is speculation on my part, however my machine (albeit a PC) has just installed an update incorporating something called Retpoline, which mitigates the slow-downs experienced after the Spectre exploit was patched.

This, at the time, caused a lot of slow downs for people in general as it effectively switched off "Speculative Code Execution" which was a CPU accelerator.


I've done a test on my vw2019, on one of the worst, most stuttery files I had, and since installing it's given me back a huge amount of speed.

The update is;


with the retpoline white-paper;



Please note that this is a phased roll-out depending on your hardware configuration, so some may not get it yet.

Also note that all Intel and AMD CPUs were affected with this exploit, so I'm sure that OSx has yet to fully roll out a finished solution.


So standing in VW's defence here, on my machine it seemed to be more a micro-code/CPU/OS issue. While VW was significantly slowed down by this, was it all actually VW's fault?


I'll let you know any other updates I find, but so far, so good. Still room for improvement, but this is a good development. Let's hope OSx rolls out a similar patch soon.

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You may well be right, I lack the technical knowhow to make any judgment. I would however note that this did not occur in VW2018 through to the end of last year, some time after the Spectre exploit was patched on most machines. Even now I can run 2018 quite happily so whilst it may be an OS issue or even a hardware issue, to the un-initiated it would appear to be something introduced with VW2019 and even then its' effects are varied and intermittent.

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17 minutes ago, Alan.AHA said:

whilst it may be an OS issue or even a hardware issue

I would thoroughly agree with you, but over the years the dev team have been improving on the VGM etc. they may have been more reliant on these CPU code handling than in previous versions, so maybe later versions got hit harder.... I'd love to hear comment from one of the devs.


But yes, the perception would be "2019 is a back-step" while not fairly taking all of the many variables into accounts. We all saw what happend with Mojave, not VW, but the OS.

Having been running 2019 with the new Windows patch for a couple of hours, I'm noticing a lot of improvement. Stil not perfect, but we've made a big step forward.

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