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Rename objects

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No way to rename objects (rectangle or polygons) with:

Even with 3D polygons the problem is the same.


But If the element is a sphere it works. Why?



import vs

ObjectName = vs.GetName(vs.FSActLayer())

SName = 'Fred'
points = [0,0,-0.5,1,0.5,1.5,2,1,1,-0.5,0,0]
h1 = vs.Poly(*points)
vs.SetName(h1, SName)
import vs

X1 = 100
Y1 = 150
X2 = 0
Y2 = 500
NombreStand = 'Nombre'

SName = vs.Concat(NombreStand)
h = vs.Poly(0,0,X1,Y1,X2,Y2,0,0)

h1 = vs.SetPolyClosed(h, 1)

h2 = vs.MakePolygon(h1)


vs.SetName(h2, SName)


This one works perfect!

import vs

ObjectName = vs.GetName(vs.FSActLayer())

SName = 'Fred'
h1 = vs.CreateSphere(0, 0, 0, 1000)
vs.SetName(h1, SName)


I am wondering if the problem is that are 2D elements, (that has no sense at all)

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def vs.Poly(p):
    return None


Poly is not returning tha handle 😉

Look for the function LastCreatedObj or similiar to get the handle.



To slow.

But one addition if you want to make sure that LNewObj is giving you the right obj you can first execute LNewObj save the handle then create the poly, do LNewObj again and check if the result is not the same as from the first call.

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