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Marionette Script - Place Titleblock Border/Style On Sheets


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I am trying to write a marionette script that will place a selected titleblock border style on a selection/all of the sheet layers in a file. Is this possible? Struggling to figure it out.


I have already created a script that can create all of the sheet layers I may need for a project automatically, but now I am trying to figure out the next steps to make sheet setup easier and faster. Some of the other help items I need are:

  1. A node to adjust the sheet size of selected/all sheet layers...preferably from a dropdown list of available sizes?
  2. Eventually...how to place viewports on all of the sheets, given crop objects. I'm currently studying the Automated Layout post by @DomC which is what triggered this whole light bulb in the first place. I am just thinking about all of the other objects I could add to make this more powerful
    • How to manage viewport rotation to adjust to the page?
    • How to place Drawing Labels in the Viewport Annotations of the viewports placed above in specific locations relative to the viewport crop?
    • How to place scale bars in the viewport annotations in specific locations relative to the viewport crop/drawing label?
    • How to place North Arrow symbols in the viewport annotations relative to the drawing label/scale bar and that adjust for the rotation of the viewport?
    • How to Control the Visibilities of the Viewport (both classes and layers) by referencing Saved Views visibility states?


There are tremendous opportunities here to automate a very time consuming task when there are 10s of 100s of sheet layers and viewports.


Excited and hoping someone is willing to provide some assistance.



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  • Marionette Maven


I'm attaching a file that contains two custom nodes:

  • Layer List - Returns all layers in the active document
  • Set Sheet Size - sets the sheet size for the given layer

At least this will get you a little further in your endeavors 🙂 I think viewports will be a little trickier, but since it's a challenge, I'll end up looking into it at some point.


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  • Marionette Maven

I can't attest to this not being buggy - but if you prefix your names for nodes numerically, such as 1Width, 2Height, they should order respectively without displaying the number.

This is not a VW recommended workflow, but I know in many cases it has been used with success.


As for VP creation, yes, there is a way to create a Top/Plan VP, but from there you may have to make your changes manually. I haven't yet found a way to create a VP of a specific view, though I've spoken with some relevant engineers on the possibility.

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That worked...thanks again!


I think for the viewport creation, I will be basing it off of rectangles drawn in a design layer that will be used as the crop objects of the viewport, but haven't quite started down this road. It appears  @DomC uses a self-made plug-in object to build his viewports, so I think rectangles should work just fine.


The only thing I was wondering about for saved views was possibly using a node to cull the visibility settings saved in a saved view (i.e. classes and layer visibilities) and then applying them to certain viewports. This would be a workaround for collectively managing viewport visibilities with a script instead of through the viewport organization or using the Match Properties tool. I have been lobbying for Viewport Styles as a way to do this in the future, but for now, thought that marionette might offer a workaround?


Is there a way to place a Titleblock Border with a selected style on different sheet layers?

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