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Mike Borean

Create Joists V19

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It seems that you can't lock in joist parameters with the Create Joist tool.  When framing multiple floors/decks, it is necessary to set the joist parameters with every deck/floor.  Tech support hasn't come up with a solution.


Has anyone else experienced this and/or found a solution?



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As far as the need to set floor joists per floor as you go is a good thing

being that if you set all floor joists to same size, and one needed to change the sizes, that would require editing.

However, in your defense, should have option for making this universal, or at least asking if stay with same or need to change.






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Thanks for your reply.  The issue I have is when I have multiple floors to frame that have the same properties.  I have to frame them one at a time, and each time I have to set the joist parameters.  Big waste of time.  It would be a huge time saver if VW would retain the last joist settings.



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Have not tried yet,  have you?


 Need to account for layout and bearing wall(s) same locations.



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Copy and past will work for one field only.  The parameters that I would like to set once per session are in the create joist pop-up are:

  • Elevation to Top of Joist
  • Under Joist Properties:
    • Height
    • 2D Display
  • The same for Perimeter Framing Members.  However, the parameters  for Perimeter Members seem to be more stable.

Seems like a small thing, but I spent way too much time setting these values each time.


Also, I would like the ability to Break/Lap a joist over a bearing member.


Back in the old days when using a program called SolidBuilder, I had this framing option.  And that was a DOS program!!


Dating myself here.


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