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Problem with pen size tool

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I'm getting a problem with the attributes tools in Vectorworks 2018 (SP5 Build 458934) on MacOS Mojave 10.14.1.


It's fairly difficult to explain, so probably best just to see the attached video, but basically the problem is that you can't read the pen size when an object is selected because the text overfills the box and it replaces it with ellipses.  You have to go into the pen size menu just to tell what pen size you've got set.  Whilst you can stretch the box, and it does appear, as soon as you select a pen size, it reverts back to a size which means you can't tell the pen size again.


This is beyond irritating.  Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Or file a bug report so that this can be sorted out in an update?


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If you undock the Attributes palette from the Snapping palette, does it behave the same way after you expand it to accommodate the text the first time?

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Unfortunately yes, although that has led me to find an interesting behaviour, which is that the full text does actually appear, as long as there is at least figure 1 in the number. So 0.13, 0.18 and 1.00 appear in full, but 0.05 or 0.35 get replaced with ellipses.  This suggests that the space allowed for the text is just enough when the character is narrow (i.e. 1). but not enough when it is larger (i.e. any other figure).

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