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Jeremy Best

Class visibilities in Design Layers alter Class visibilities in Sheet Layer Viewports

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Hi all, 


I'd like to hear from anyone who has or is currently experiencing this issue in any version of Vectorworks. 


I've had two users report this, one on Mac, one on Windows, both in Vectorworks 2019 SP1: 


  • The first user said Sheet Layer Viewports weren't being affected by alterations to their Class visibility settings, but changing Class visibilities in Design Layers turned off those Classes in all Sheet Layer Viewports instead. 
  • The second user only described that: In Design Layer > change visibilities of Classes = Those same Classes get turned off in [all] Sheet Layer Viewports. 


Restarting the computer was confirmed as a remedy by the first user. 


Is there anyone else experiencing this? And if so can you please reply including: 

  • Vectorworks version and Service Pack 
  • Platform and operating system. 




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Hi Jeremy,


I am having similar but slightly different problems.


Classes that should be invisible in viewports are not.  It is particularly so when it is a section viewport and the section line has cut through an 'invisible object'.  If I edit the design layer every thing appears as it should but not amount of changing visibilities either on the viewport or the main screen seems to fix it.  


The problem is not however consistent.  It does occur most when it is hidden line or polygon rendering but also randomly in GL and others.  Although the cut objects are the most problematic they are not the only ones.  (And it is driving me crazy!!)

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Sorry -details:- 


Mac Pro (Late 2013)

High Sierra 10.13.6 

3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

2 GB 1866 MHz DDR3

AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB


VWX 2019 (Build 452523)




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Hi @annatreg


I note that the build number you're on suggests you might be on SP0, or the first SP1. (They released an SP1.1 for some markets). In the release notes for VW2019 SP1 they mention the following: Section viewport rogue geometry issue should now be resolved. There's also at least one fix relating to Section Viewports in SP2 which has just been released for the main/USA market and will soon be out for other markets. 


Can you please try applying available updates / Service Packs and then update this thread with what Service Pack got applied and whether it fixed your issue. 

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