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Repeating different sized exterior finish

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I have attached an image of a often requested finish pattern on buildings that I am having difficulty finding a way to replicate on my rendered models.  It is common with designers and architects who use Swisspearl or similar finish.


Does anyone have a similar texture or seamless texture or a way of achieving this sort of different sized panels for an exterior finish?  I am trying to sort out the math to create a seamless texture in Affinity Photo (Photoshop competitor) to get close to this desired effect but I thought I would check with folks here as well.


I'm hoping @Jim Wilson has a quick solution for this 🙂








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It is always a problem to make even regular tiled small Textures tiling for large faces.

Either it will look not tiling but boring and as soon as the texture contains some

interesting variation you will notice tiling.

So seamless textures means mostly not really tile-able.


You need a very large crop from a Wall or such to make better Textures but still have

reaonable resolution. Like nowadays, Materials that you can buy will have 4096x4096

pixel resolution with corresponding file sizes, but may still not look good on large



Same or worse in your case, your "crop" needs to be quite large alone for your irregular

pattern. (I think I would do the base for linework in VW ?)

In Affinity do the tiling and make them seamless. After that there need to be another

Layer at a different scale that brings some variation - independent from the Tile grid.

like adding a noise in multiply mode, which will influence Diffuse Amount and such.

I think a 3D Artist would basically create a Texture for the whole Wall and paint dirt

along the edges and paint in some variation.


But I am a too friend of simple and fast cubic texture projection and therefore try

to get by with tile-able Textures.

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This seems like an option could/should be added to the tiles procedurals. Adding the image option only available with bricks, and irregular verticals, with some specified parameters. 

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I agree @zoomer I need to find a large swath of a photo to crop of a similar wall finish.  I have been experimenting in photo software to try and create a good tile, but as you mentioned you do notice the repetition right away as there is no random discrepancy to each tile piece as you would see in the real world.


I agree @Kevin Allen we need a way to add irregularities to tiles.


This render also brings up another issue when I need just 2D elevations where I would show a hatch that matches the rendered finish.  I will also need to create a randomized 2D tile hatch pattern to cover the whole building face.



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