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I migrated from VW8.5 to VW10.5 last year. In VW8.5, to reduce the print out of an A1 dwg to A3 size, I set the page setup to 71% of the original size. Once I saved file, the page setup remember the 71% setting.

However, when I tried that in VW10.5, I am unable to save the setting. Each time I open the file, the default mode is set back to 100% page size.

Any idea?


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you?re right when you say that VectorWorks should remember this page setting. I have just tried this on VectorWorks 11 and it works with a saved file.

If you are talking about a new file nothaving the setting then you need to resave you default drawing. Set the page up the way that you want, then from the Menu Bar choose

File > Save as Template...

name the file to match the default;

VectorWorks Default (for Macintosh)

Default (for windows).

If you have one of my manuals, this is covered at the back....

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Are you sure you are not using VectorWorks 11? I just tested the page setup in VectortWorks 9.5.3, 10.5.1, and 11.0.1 and the only one that fails to save a page setup is VectorWorks 11, at least on a Mac. This is definitely bad, and I assume it is a bug.

The other way you can test it is open a document, do a page setup, change something in the Page Setup, exit the dialog. Now see if you can "Undo" the change. In VectorWorks 11 the message bar reports "No Undo History". You can also just close the file, and VectorWorks does not even ask if you want to save the changes.

VW 11 does not see the Page Setup as a "Saveable" or "Undoable" event. I do not have this problem in version 9 or 10.

The work-around is to do something else besides the Page Setup before you close the file, such as draw a line and delete it, or any thing else that will trigger the Save event.

I hope Nemetschek will fix this in 11.1

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Are you saying that in VectorWorks 11, if you open a document, and only change the page orientation from portrait to landscape in the Page Setup and do nothing else, then choose "Undo", it will undo the page orientation change?

And if you close the document without doing anything else, that it will ask you to save the changes?

It does not do that on my machine.

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