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Report/Worksheet Image Function - Consistent Size?

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When using the image function on a report/worksheet database is there a way to keep the images at a standard scale or ratio?  I.E. I am showing a list of truss with truss symbols in there, but let's say I have a 12"x12" corner piece on a row and the next row a 12"x12"x 120" piece that 120" piece looks visually significantly smaller compared to the other piece.  I ideally just want to lock the sizes to be consistent and I have not seen a great way to do this yet.  However, my guess is someone here may have.  


Any help is appreciated




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If I understand your question…. You want the images of the truss symbols to be scaled correctly relative to each other?


Double click the worksheet or right click it in the Resource Manger to open it.


Right click on a cell that has an image.  Choose Format Cells…


Select the Image Tab on the far right.


I think by default it's set to autosize.  I find custom scale to be more useful.  Then I set the scale to be the same as the viewport . 


The other thing that's useful when making it readable is to set he margin.  It defaults to 2 points.


This should make a 12x12 corner block 1/10 the width of a 12x12x120 stick.



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Hm, can anybody explain how the 'scale to' options exactly work when formatting worksheet image cells?


For me, only autoscale works, otherwise I end up with something like a single vertical line for all objects that are symbols (the top 4 rows). Groups (the bottom 3 examples) seem to be rendered correctly.

Looks like a bug to me, in that x-scale isn't computed correctly for symbols, only y-scale. I use VW2019 SP2 (MACOS)  int/en.

And I should mention that all objects are 2D-drawings in plan view.


scaled workheet images-auto.jpg

scaled workheet images-200.jpg

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