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Importing IFC data from symbols in another drawing

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I have set up a workgroup folder with various custom libraries we use across all of our projects (furniture, steps, custom 2D/3D Symbols etc). In each of these files, the objects have IFC data associated with them. Default objects (stairs and walls) have their default fields attached (IFC Stair, IFCWall), and I have mapped IFCBuildingElementProxy to all 'Plants' in the drawings, so any plant created will have this association.


I am having trouble getting IFC data to import with the custom made objects (2D/3D Symbols). I can drag and drop these from the workgroup libraries into the drawing and the geometry comes in fine, but the IFC data is then lost, meaning that I have to add it in again manually.


Unfortunately I can't seem to map IFC data automatically to 2D/3D symbols as I have done so with the 'Plants' in the drawing.


Anyone have any similar issues / workarounds to this?







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12 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

hat if you insert an instance of the symbol directly from the library?

Hi Kevin


No luck - it's the same result as from the workgroup library -  if I browse the document directly and then import the symbol no IFC data comes through.


However, if I open the drawing directly, and copy / paste the symbol, it brings the IFC data over.

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