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David S

2019 strange glitchy behaviour - disappearing geometry



Is any one else suffering any of the following ?  I just want to protect my sanity!   This isn't viewport related THIS IS 3D IN DESIGN LAYERS.


Created solid objects like roofs and floors either go "unsolid"  (despite solid OIP settings) or just literally disappear and will not return shutdown and start it again they reappear and re-solid themselves.

Windows disappear in Open GL. Solution as above.

Walls disappear with all their contents and you have to build them again.


Messes with my head and my workflow. Not fun.






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David, I can see that you have filed videos with the tech support team, so we'll pick up the conversation there rather than dual-running it on the forum. Just to add to that, we would love to have a copy of the file that exhibits the problems that the videos illustrate. Thank you.


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yes I have sent you  (VWK UK Prem tech)2 videos called flawed & flawless 🙂 They are my usual low budget grainy Danish film noir standard because the Microsoft link you sent involves XBox and as any parent will know I am not allowed to fiddle with his XBox stuff 🙂   

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Adam has managed to reproduce this with a floor object, but is sending you a suggested new way of working, which will resolve the problem.

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