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Duplicate along path


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using VW 10.5.1 I have created a symbol of a metal bar which I want to duplicate at 150mm centres along the top of a curving wall ... curving in plan and elevation

I created a 3D poly that follows the path of the top of the wall but how do I get the 3D symbols to duplicate along the poly using the duplicate along path tool to work with a 3D poly ..... when I duplicate in plan it follows the plan of the 3D poly exactly ('X' & 'Y') but when I go to front view the objects are all at the same level and have not followed the 'Z' ..... and when I try the same operation in isometric the objects are just placed seeming at random

any help greatfully received


VW 10.5.1

Mac OS 10.3.7

[ 01-14-2005, 05:57 AM: Message edited by: klaus ]

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Klaus try the following:

- Use Circular Array to get them in the correct locations in Plan View.

- Go to a Front or Side View

- Select the last one and move it to the required Z height.

- Select all of them and use Align/Distribute to get them to equal Z heights apart.

NB: I have assumed your wall rise is consistant over its length.

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Thanks Mike but this wont work cos the wall goes up and down with no particular patten .... the work around I have found is to export to VW8.0.1, make a DTM of the top of the wall and then 'float objects' after using the 'duplicate along path' tool in plan .... works great !!!

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