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I made a dialog were the User should push a button an browse for the desired folder and can type in the name of the file he wants to save. Is there something like a standard 'Save As Dialog' i can use that will return path and/or filename? I tried GetFileN but it'll only find existing files.

thank you in advance!

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Thanks! That's what I was looking for.  vs.PutFile(commentStr, defaultStr): return fileName    returns a complete Path. Is there a known reason why i can't use   vs.SaveActiveDocument(filePath):  with this Path?  I know I can't use SaveActiveDocument inside the Dialog, so I've put this line in the Main part, after the dialog is closed with OK.

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Hello, speaking about SaveActiveDocument, this is from my own notes from VW 12 (now is 24, so it was 12 versions ago):

It corresponds to "save as" but without dialog. Saving on the same file path name doesn't work (returns -1), only if the file path is different (returns 0).

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