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Roof objects need to be able to join walls in different ways at eaves / gables


The best way to solve this would be to get rid of the concept of walls, slabs, roofs as different tools / objects. They are all composite plane objects built up of layers that need to interact with other composite plane objects at the edges. What I mean by composite is; built up from different materials in layers (called 'components' in the wall tool). What I mean by plane is objects defined by a plane like object or surface which could have an arbitrary boundary and holes cut in it. At each edge I want to be able to define if that edge is linked to the edge of another composite plane object and if it is how the layers (components) of object A interact with object B. Maybe you have a define connection tool which greys out everything and shows you a detail section where you can work all this out. Once you have worked it out for one edge, this could be stored as a favourite which would be available any time the same combination of two edges meet.


While you are at it, can we have the ability to define repeating elements such as battens on layers in a way which preserves their orientation so they show up correctly in plan, but not section. Maybe just allow us to define an object which is repeating across a surface.


The best bit would be that when the wall tool was improved, we wouldn't have to wait until next year for the corresponding improvements to the roof tool. So it would save a lot of development time as you would only have to solve the problems once.

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2 minutes ago, Will said:

So it would save a lot of development time as you would only have to solve the problems once.


The boffins haven't got the time to address these 'reasonable' suggestions.


They've been tasked year after year to put more and more 'lace around the sheet'.


Trouble is, if they stepped back and looked they'd all see there's a hole in the sheet.



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