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set active a rectangle

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Hello again,


I have. a code to go thru every element / symbol in my layer until it finds a rectangle.

then, I just need to get selected only this element.


A) I use X = 10 just to put a number. I need to count the number of elements.


the script works well until B) where it doesn't get the rectangle to zoom it whit the next line


Some ideas?

import vs
x = 10;
#-A)----------I need to count the number of objects in the layer

#vs.AlrtDialog(vs.Concat('Nr of objects is: ',  ***Count of all the elements in the layer*** ))


OBJETO = vs.LActLayer()
SymbolName = vs.GetSymName(OBJETO)

while x > 0:
	ElementTYPE = vs.GetType(OBJETO)
	if ElementTYPE == 15:
		SymbolName = vs.GetSymName(OBJETO)
		vs.AlrtDialog(vs.Concat(str(ElementTYPE), " Name: ", str(SymbolName)))
		#vs.AlrtDialog(vs.Concat('Object is a ', objectTypes[vs.GetType(h)]))
	if ElementTYPE == 3:
		vs.AlrtDialog(str('Recuadro encontrado'))
		#B).........I wanna set active the rectangle
		vs.DoMenuTextByName('Fit To Objects', 0);
	OBJETO = vs.PrevObj(OBJETO)
	x = x - 1


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Three modifications that should help:


Don’t forget the parentheses in vs.DSelectAll()


Instead of using the arbitrary x to govern the loop, use:

while OBJECTO != 0:

This will both ensure the script loops through all objects and prevent error if the number of objects is less than 10. 

Technically, the check should be OBJECTO != vs.Handle(0)


vs.GetObject() returns the handle to a named object and should take a string as its parameter. What you want is:


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