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Import dwg triples VW file size

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Why is it that when VW imports dwg files it nearly triple the file size? Is there a way to get around that without painstakingly removing both un-needed layers and objects?

I use both ACAD 2002 and VWorks Spotlight 11. Most of the clients I work with are ACAD. An example, I am currently working with a 5MB ACAD DWG, imported into VW it turns into a 15MB file. A file that large makes it problematic to both manipulate and print. Is there a work around?

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I just sent a 5 mb VW file to one of my clients as a dxf and it jumped to 9 mb so my guess is that all these programs need to translate information which in turn creates code enlarging the file.

I have to say if you are having problems with manipulating and printing a file of this size, 15 mb, you need to be looking seriously at the system you are running. What is the configuration you are using ?

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My system resources are fine when it comes to manipulation of large files.

The "large" file size issues I am referring to are both the printing and emailing of a 15MB file. Most of the time I print to pdf or email as a zipped attachment. Doing that with a 5MB file as opposed to a 15MB file makes the drawing more manageable once I get it out of VW.

The file size in this case mostly effects two areas of my design work. 1)15MB file sizes even majorally compressed are too large to "floppy" a drawing for print at my local Kinkos, 2)Large files are effected by size limits via email.

I have not found an easy solution hence the reason I use 2 different drafting programs. The file conversion process sometimes takes longer and is more problematic than the actual drafting time needed on some of my simpler projects.

So after years of looking for one program that can do it all I am still using multiple programs. I guess knowing ACAD and VWorks is not such a bad thing.

Still, I am open to any insight if anyone knows differently.

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If the files are to big to put on a floppy why are you not using CD-R or CD-RW discs?

The cost issue would have been a problem a few years ago but discs and burners are dirt cheap and it can give you an instant back up if you also burn the original file, a dxf,dwg even if you want, as well as the pdf.

CD-RW if you want to reuse a disc once full.

I've found text formatting and font issues with exporting to dxf and dwgs and switched straight to pdf which works great with my print bureau as I'm sure yours does.

I've recently dug out and tried old floppy discs of mine to find some old files and found them more than a little unreliable! Ahh.

Maybe somebody from NNA will chip in with the knowledge you need, such as purging the file of unneeded resources within the file. Beyond my working experience I'm afraid.

Good luck

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