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LED Striplight Question


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Hi everyone,


I have a question i cant find an answer to.


I work film and television, and i am evaluating vectorworks to see if this can help us streamline our patching and paperwork. The show i am on currently uses thousands of LED strip lights (also referred to as LED ribbon) and 24v/12v LED decoders. They are being used as accent lighting absolutely everywhere, door surrounds, walls, tables, anywhere/everywhere...


With vectorworks, how would i go about adding these in? is there a way to make geometry of the set be considered a fixture? or am i stuck just assigning a dmx and fixture number to a decoder model in vectorworks? i would prefer to be able to previs in 3d if that is possible.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joshua,


In a perfect world, all the above.


We have been using Wysiwyg as well as a few other programs to generate paperwork for the last 2 years. and the solution we came up with was to draw a line to denote the strip, but that only works for 2d. We would love to be able to render in 3d, as well as use Vision if possible.



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There is a bunch of info here about how to take geometry and turn it into a glowing lighting device in Vectorworks. You can apply these same techniques to any objects you want to use to resemble LED Tape. I talked with one of our Vision engineers and you can essentially do the same thing in vision and make the LED Tape DMX controllable. Let me know if you'd like some more info on that process. 


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