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Pop Up Node - New question

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Is it possible to feed a Pop up node with information from a List node  ? Or, is it possible to have a List node behave as a Pop up node ?
Advise much appreciated.

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This is possible with a Popup Dialog node, located in the User Interaction folder. The difference between this node that the Popup node is that every time the script is run, a dialog with a dropdown menu will appear, and you will have to pick your option before the network will finish running. If you want a static popup that appears in the OIP of a Marionette object, you still need to use the original Popup node and create the list via editing the script inside the node.

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Thanks for the input.  What  I'm looking for is a way to feed the Pop up node with a variabel Integer ( Lets call it 12). This variabel Integer is generated by part of the network.

The output of the Pop up is  :

if input == 1, then output = 12

if input == 2, then output = 2*12

if input == 3, then output = 3*12

etc. etc.

I need the Integer 12 to be calculated by the network. So it could be any Integer.

As far as I know it is not possible to have a node to change the script of the Pop up?

So I was trying to use a List node. The List accepts the variabel Integer and the output is what I wanted ( 12, 2*12, 3*12, or

15, 2*15, 3*15, etc).

But how do I select one of outputs the List  ( like you do in a Pop up)?

Sorry for my criptic question. Hope it makes sense.

Thanks again.

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I believe it would just be easier to make the multipliers (1,2,3,...) the output of the popup and multiply that output by 12 or whatever variable integer. Again, you can use the Popup node if the multipliers will always be the same, or you can use the Popup Dialog node to have a dialog appear after the script is run. The output of the popups are integers representing the index value of the item chosen from the list. Since your list will basically be 1,2,3 etc you can add one to that integer to get the value you need. I have built some examples for you.



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