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Is there a way to create an animated GIF directly from within Vectorworks? I just need a 256-color wire-frame orbit point fly-around that looks like the "preview" when preparing for a quicktime animation. The file size must be super small!

The closest thing I've done is taking screen shots around the model, converting them to GIFs, then stitching them together with an animated GIF builder. Of course, the model view registration from frame to frame was dependent on my mouse clicks for each screen shot!

Any ideas?

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If you have Quicktime Pro, you can create an animation in the usual way, open the resulting movie in Quicktime and export it to a picture sequence. Then batch convert these in Photoshop or Grapic Converter and stitch them together. You will hardly save much in the way of filesize compared to exporting to the MOV-format with 256 colours, however.

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I agree with Kaare about exporting quicktime .mov, these can be made very small using the codecs available in Quicktime pro

if you want to stay with the gif why not use Adobe ImageReady (usually comes bundled with Photoshop) and you can specify the interval between frames instead of mouse clicking

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