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Does anyone have an example of how to include the 2d hybrid information in a marionette network? I have added a small network to clarify.
The cube may only be visible in 3d mode. the circle in 2dtop plan view.
In the vector script referece guide something is mentioned,(http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetTopPlan2DComp) but are marionette nodes available?

If someone has an example network, I would love to see it!







Cube to 2dcircel.vwx

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Hi Nico

The circle is a planar object and will be the TopPlan display by default. So in my opinion you don't have to use any planar reference to objects. This would give the required result:



If you have two planar Objects, you can use the Planar Ref ID -1 to set an object to the 3D view display. If you build your network as following, you will have a rectangle in 3D view and a circle in TopPlan view.




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Thanks for your explanation. I tried searching for iPrefiD on Vectorworks help, Google and this forum with no usefull results at all! How did you know to put -1 into iPrefiD?  Is there an explanation of nodes I don't know about?

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How did you know to put -1 into iPrefiD?

I think from the Vectorscript Forum i knew, that negative values can be used. But to get it for this was a standard procedure (try and error ) 🙂 

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The DevWiki is the go to place for all functions and also has an appendix for other 'selectors'


DevWiki: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference

Appendix: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix

SetPlanarRef function http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetPlanarRef


Maybe @Jim Wilson, you could sticky the DevWiki link to the Customization Forum Sections?

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Thank you @DomC,

This works very well. I use a few plug-ins made in marionette and converted via export script etc.

Because I could not figure this out, I created a node that you have to connect behind the circle. It works with my node too (only  in pio). I use a different function SetTopPlan2DComp (ver.2019). I still have to figure out how to stack the 2d tiles right so that the small ones are visible above the large surfaces. Thank you for spending your time and helping us !!! (Custom Node included)





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I still have to figure out how to stack the 2d tiles right so that the small ones are visible above the large surfaces.


I guess, you have to change the order of object creation in a way, your small objects were created at the end (maybe dummy nodes, groups or something like this). Also you could try to use commands (looks like you know how to create a node) for sending objects backward and forward.


vs.HMoveBackward(h, toBack)

vs.HMoveForward(h, toBack)


could work. But I think it is a problem if you want to send something in front of an uncreated object. You can find a "backward" node in my node collection here:



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