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3D Views in 2019

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Hi all,


this problem has probably been addressed before, but I'm having issues with modifying things in 3D views (specifically, from the right) in VW2019. I switch to the right view, and all my stuff disappears. I'm in Wireframe rendering, and I use the X-ray feature (holding B) and nothing happens.  


I was out of the game for a while (really proficient with 2008) and getting back in 11 editions later has some growing pains.


Basically, how do I create an extrude in plan view, then switch to view from the right and keep modifying it?  It feels like it should be a simple fix.



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Is the object just off screen after you switch the view? If you have the extrude selected before you switch view try Fit to Objects and see if it shows up. Or zoom way out until it shows up. And then back in on it.


There is also an option in VW Preferences, Display Pane to Center on Objects after View Change. This might solve you problem as well.

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No, the objects are on screen, and I can select them too, they just don't show up on the screen.  Here is a screenshot of the problem.


Same objects selected in plan view and front view, wireframe rendering, orthogonal projection.

front view.png

Plan View.png

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In Your side view - you are showing SCREEN ALIGNED as the plane mode - try switching that to SCREEN PLANE and see if it makes a difference.  Not sure this is the issue, but try it.

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8 hours ago, JeffCebulaMBDS said:

Plan View.png


Are the four objects I see in top/plan in addition to the platforms high poly objects like figures? If they are it might be a graphics card issue. What type of system are you running VW on? Are you using integrated graphics or a separate graphics card?




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