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Hip Flashing for Metal Roof

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Regarding Standing Seam Metal roofs:

Just wondering if anyone has figured out a better way to create flashing for a hip roof?

Pertaining to a metal roof in particular, the 'surface array' tool works wonders for instantly creating the standing seams for a metal roof, but the metal flashing on the hips (and valleys) presents a little challenge.  

What I current do to address this is to:

1) use the select working plane tool to highlight the sloped roof.

2) draw a rectangle on the edge of that plane at the intersection of two roofs that would act as 1/2 of the flashing.

3) extrude that shape ( about 1/8")

4) mirror that object to the adjoining roof and 'add solids" to join the two so the flashing appears, as it would in reality, into one object and raise it a bit in z space so it sits on top of the standing seams.


It is actually a fairly quick process and does work quite well, but again, just wondering if there is another methodology that may save some steps?

I attached a file to demonstrate the situation.




standing seams on roof.jpg

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