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VW2019 crashes when trying to adjust renderworks texture



I get a consistent crash of VW 2019 Architect SP1.1 when I try to adjust the attribute mapping of a RW texture.  I'm just trying to change the wood grain direction on anything will likely cause a crash.  For sure if I hit the 'X' key at anytime to cancel out the operation.


On top of that, and this may just be me as I'm new to RW, but sometimes I can get the grain direction to adjust on different faces independently, and sometimes I can't.  I don't know why. I've attached a file.  I just want the grain to run horizontally on the top of the bench, as well as around the sides and ends.  I can't get it to show that way.  Plus it crashes everytime I try anyway. 

corridor 701 bench details for VW.vwx

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This problem has arisen again.  Wrong grain direction, and I can't seem to adjust it.  The front face of this wall should have a vertical grain to match the sides, but no matter what I do, it stays horizontal.  Why?  

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 13.35.50.png

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