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Window Dialog resizing

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Hi Everyone, 


First time i ran into an issue because I started working from a laptop. I used a workspace that allowed for a higher resolution and all the window screens for doors, windows, data tags, etc... fit inside. Now that i have a lower screen size and import the same workspace, the windows dialogs extend beyond the screen. Any way of getting them to fit without changing the workspace? 

Note: window key + left / right works, but it doesn't resize the window vertically



Thank you in advance!!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This machine looks like it has it's DPI scaling extremely high, making the effective resolution of your display lower than Vectorworks can support, even though it's a 4K screen. To fix this, right click on an empty spot on the desktop and choose "Display Settings", in the settings window that comes up, you should see something like "Scale and Layout" or "Change the size of text" etc, currently it looks like you're set to 250%, but 175 or 150 may be needed for the Vectorworks UI to function properly.

Unrelated to that issue but just in case it comes up in the future, your computer has 2 graphics cards, but it is currently using the much weaker one. This can lead to slowdowns in Vectorworks. To direct it to use the stronger one for Vectorworks, follow the steps here:


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I tried doing that, but then the text gets unbearably large, and all the window menu items are also overbloated in size. Here are the things i've tried so far: 

properties settings - high dpi scaling override - system (enhanced)






Lines are extremely blurry and interface is almost unusable. However, plugin settings work at full screen. The curser however is extremely small.  


Then with 200 % scaling (default settings, no system dpi alteration)




The plugin settings at 200% barely fit, but at least theyre modifiable. However, user interface for windows (icons, etc..) are too small for the 15" screen


With smaller resolution and default settings :


Application is relatively stable, however top view is still blurry. Otherwise plugin settings work. The top plan view settings work best at native resolution, but plugin settings work best at 175% scaling or reduced resolution. Can't win here. 😕




Will have to use option 3 as it is the best of all worlds. 


Thank you Jim for your help...If its possible though, perhaps this problem could be fixed in the future? meaning - allow scaling up to 225% (4k resolution on smaller screens)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have the same problem too. Both my laptop and desktop have 4K screens set at 200% scaling. Anything smaller makes everything too hard to read.

I've found the affected dialog boxes are:

  • Door
  • Window
  • Title block


They cannot be resized. If these could be fixed, that would be great. I manage to get by with hitting the enter key and sometimes that accepts the changes I've made, depending on which field/button has the focus.


Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

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