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strange behavior section viewport

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i have a new problem.... snapping is not working in rendered section viewports anymore. It did before!!! is it a OSX 10.14 Mojave issue? i updated my VW 2018 to the newest built SP5.2


it makes creating deasent plans almost unbareable...! 

anybody else experiences this problem?

i added a file is it working on other maschines or systems?

vectorworks bug.vwx

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Strange, no-one has replied. This is the same for me still on SP4. Ive decided I can't trust updates from NNA atm. (and Ive taken to wearing a tin-foil helmet when using VW)


The settings for your section viewport need changes...but I can't reason why....


See if you can reason...




Set as above then update (stay with me!)


Now deselect Display Planer Objects


Update - and it seems fixed




The other thing I found is your choice of section line appears to have the same effect. Open the file again (revert to saved) and look at the section line...




If you change it to either of the other two options in the OIP your Viewport comes to life - and says alive to curser cues even when returned to your first option.




Perhaps someone else can confirm (or point out I need to lay off the tin-foil helmet)


Hope this helps (its been a long day)





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Hi Gadzooks,

Thank you ! i was wondering too and thought i am the only person having this strange problem or cann't expain what i mean but i guess nobody could work it out , it somehow doesn't happen on all files but i will try your workarround....

and YES i can reproduce your method!!!!

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Would you believe it!!


I should've gone the super simple obvious route first @joerg


Although your file opens with 'updated' viewports, I just found that choosing to update is the simplest way to return the cursor cues etc..


Sometimes VW can be so irritating😂





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great i wouldn't have worked that out myselfe!! and yes you become a master of workarrounds in VW...sometimes! keeps one felexible under the helmet;-))


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