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Worksheet criteria field value selection menu



Is this supposed to be this way?  When we want to edit the worksheet criteria -> Field Value -> X = " "  We have to scroll through a thousand items in the hope that we might find what we are looking for?  If I want to add Plant Type to the Field value there is currently no way for me to find in in this list as it is simply too long.  Am I missing something here?  Is there a better way to do this? 


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I have been wondering the same as @lgoodkind. There is a dire need for usability improvement here. Something like in the report creation window is much needed at the Criteria Builder, please see attached.


We have numerous and rather long custom records, these mixed and added to the stock ones are quite a task to navigate by scrolling.



004 Record selection.PNG

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You can still do what I suggested, you just have to know the Field Name you are want.


Right Click on the Database (i.e. 3, not 3.1, etc) and choose Edit Criteria.  Click Cancel. In the Formula Bar you will now have a text representation of the Criteria for the database.


Click into the Formula Bar and find the 'Record'.'Field' portion of the criteria and edit those values to be what you want. Hit Return to lock in the edited criteria.


I THINK that as long as what you edit them to is something the criteria builder can display you can still edit the criteria the next time using the Criteria Builder dialog box. I know it is possible to create criteria that are valid for a worksheet that can't be edited with the criteria builder, but I think these are mostly cases of adding extra ANDs and ORs to the criteria.


I am not saying there there should not be improvements in the Criteria Builder, just trying to offer a workaround until the functionality improves

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