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Jim Smith

3D "plan" view - I saw this somewheres

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I've been playing with a rendered cabinet view of a plan but can't seem to get exactly what I want. It seems to me I saw a beautiful example here of a plan view that was rendered as a cabinet view, I think it was either a white card or grey render but can't find it. Anyone able to help jog this old geezer's memory?

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Dear old geezer. I'm not quite sure what you are after but I've always been inspired by @Jonathan Reeves7 and his amazing visuals. He is at JRA Architects in the UK and is also a VW reseller and trainer. Hope this helps! Cheers D

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Thanks. Nice work but not what I'm after. It was essentially a Plan view that was viewed in what I thought was perspective view (if that makes sense). & I seem it recall it was either white card or grey scale. It may have been a video or a how to, but for the life of me I can't find it. I gotta lay off the hot peppers before bed time as I may have dreamed it.😉


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Can't read your mind on this, but are you alluding to just setting up a plan view, and using 'perspective' as opposed to an orthogonal view??

Like the attached file?   I lowered the resolution a bit, but you get the gist, I imagine.

IF so it is pretty easily achieved.




Plan Base.jpg

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Thanks Kevin, 

Very nice image!

I've done similar views but what I seem to remember was a very dramatic White card or Grey scale image of a main floor that I thought was on the service select but can't find it. 

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if you could perhaps be a bit more specific or post an image and try to explain what you wish to achieve, I would be happy to assist, as I am sure others here would do the same.

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@Jim Smith


Perhaps it was this thread?


In case this wasn’t the one you were thinking of, I found it by searching google images for “plan site:forum.vectorworks.net”.

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