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Patrick Fritsch

Autosave & AI Machine learning


With all this AI and machine learning stuff going around on the internets, would it not be feasible to enable Autosave but have VW software recognize that we are in the middle of an operation or viewport rendering, in which case it would either abort the autosave & reset it's timer OR monitor the usage till the next inactive opportune moment to autosave.

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I was of the impression it did wait until an operation had completed. I recall testing the following scenario… 

  1. Start drawing a square or a polyline
  2. Keep the object in a partially drawn state i.e. don't do the final click
  3. Wait for the autosave period to lapse and note whether or not autosave interrupts the formation of the square/polyline

In which I didn't get any interruption and (if I recall correctly) as soon as I did the last click the autosave prompt did come up.


I've just repeated this test and confirmed Vectorworks performs this way in Vectorworks 2019 SP2. 


@Patrick Fritsch, what operation types are you doing that autosave can interrupt? And what are each of your Autosave settings?

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