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Dual Core Processor Support

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According to AMD, Intel and IBM, the processor markets seems to be going dual core in the near future. That means vectorworks would have to support multiple processors to take advantage of this new technology coming right around the corner. Right? Anybody hear anything about this? Can vectorworks support a dual core processor as it is? I've heard before here that vectorworks will never support a dual processor system. Could someone push this issue so that when the time comes and we all get dual core systems, vectorworks won't be the only program that completely ignores these new processors. Thanks.

My system:





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Currently, RenderWorks does take advantange of dual processors.

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The point of the question is parallel processing. Yes VW runs on a dual processor machine. However, it only is using one of the two processors.

As Katie points out, RW does take advantage of the dual processors by using both at the same time.

I also remember someone on this board stating that it was doubtful that VW would run parallel processing as it would require a great deal of re-writing of the code.

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Why would you need VW using dual processors? Renderworks uses both and that is all that's important to me. I usaully deal with 150 - 200 MB file sizes and VW runs great I never have a wait ( only seconds after some large edits) unless Rendering, but that does use both processors. I can't see needing the second processor to navigate and edit files unless you're designing a city or something.


Brian B

ASAP Trade Graphics

PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8, MacOS 10.3.7


VW 11.0.1

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Thanks for responding but I think people are getting confused. A dual-core system doesn't mean two individual processors, It's One chip but with 2 processor "Cores" inside. Here's a link for the apple version


PC Version


I'd just like to hear if the vectorworks software people are going to support these things. I'm not sure if the app needs to be multithreaded to take advantage of the new processor design, but if it does, nemetchek people need to get busy as it sounds like all future generations of processors are going to be dual-core quite soon.

thanks all.

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It seems doubtful that Apple, (or others), would introduce processors that would make all software inoperable unless rewritten.

If vectorworks were to need new code, then so would all other software. A more likely senario is that the new processors may offer increased abilities that may require new code to take advantage of.

The current dual processor computers offer increased speed for those applications that can take advantage of it such as Photoshop or Renderworks. But as noted, Vectorworks functions just fine on one processor on a dual processor machine.

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I believe with the change of both Apple and Windows over to the new 64 as opposed to 32 bit hardware based operating system many programs will need to be rewritten.

Although the operating systems may allow for backward compatability to some degree it is my understanding that to get the advantages fully of the new 64 based OS the programs need to be solely written for this hardware

What I think it will eventually lead to in the not to distant future is older software will not run on new machines and vice versa,older machines will not run the new software.

Much like in the broadcasting of TV and Radio in the UK, with analog being replaced , so programs will only be broadcast digitally and only available to those with digital equipment.

Some would say a forced upgrade scenario others would say its just progress.

Getting back to Vectorworks, I guess this is what Nemetschek is working on now in the background, as for example with the way the program is written for OSX/Apple at present . It makes business sense not to do a complete rewrite for OSX as it is now knowing the future OS is Tiger and beyond with its 64 bit base.

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