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VW2019-Hidden Line Viewport issues

Simon Allan


Not sure if I am missing something but I cannot seem to find why my viewports will not render Hidden line correctly.

It only seems to affect the truss.

Attached picture shows two viewports which are identical except for one is Hidden line and the other is Final Polygon Shaded.


As you can see, the HL one looks as though it is still seeing the "Simplified" class but as you can see, it is turned off.

Hidden line renders OK when on a design layer. Just seems to be an issue in VP's on sheet layers.

Tried restarting, but no change.


Pilot error...or a bug???



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@markdd All checked and all OK


@Kevin McAllister Rigging-Truss-Truss. I have tried restarting and no joy. I can also see everything as normal when in wireframe, or any other render mode...except for HL.


Like I said before, it renders OK on a DL.


The truss item I am using in this example is "Truss Corner Tyler Truss 4 Way" from the VW library. Would be curious to see if the same happens at your end too.

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Thanks for the file Mark. It also worked at my end.


I am no closer to solving this but I did start a new drawing with the same truss piece and all was good. I then exported the same piece from my original drawing and replaced the truss in the new drawing and I get the same issue again with HL not working correctly.

I guess this means something is not right in my original drawing and has somehow affected the HL not working as it should with the truss symbols that are in it.


Not sure what to try next...either way I have already spent way too much time on this 😞


VW2019 seems to be full of weird issues...especially when creating symbols which is what I was doing at the time.

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Hi everyone,

I am having the same issue that Simon experienced. I am running VWX 2019 with the latest Service Pack 2 on a MacBook Pro 2018 connected to an eGPU with AMD Vega Frontier edition card.I have not yet updated my OS to Mojave.


I download the test file that Markdd posted, and it works correctly. Then I added a Christie truss object to his file and take a look at the results. The problem still occurs with the Christie truss but not the corner block? I assume this is an issue with some objects but not all?

The video projector symbols are are also displaying classes that are off, very strange.



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Hi Dave,


I was curious so went back and checked my file as I am now on SP2. Here is what I found...


I took the VWX file Mark supplied and added a straight piece of Tyler truss to it and updated the VPs on the SL.


Below is a screen shot of the PDF produced using my Mac Pro. Specs in signature. As you can see, all is OK.




I then went onto my MacBook Pro. Specs in signature. As you can see, things are still wrong.



On the MBP I then rendered HL in the DL the corner block showed the simple class (blue box) but the straight piece did not and displayed correctly. See below...




Both machines on SP2 running VW2019. The only difference is the OS version and graphics card.

I then exported the file to VW2018 and all worked as it should on the MBP.

All I can conclude is VW2019 is still not working as it should.


I have included the VW file in case you want to try.


Hidden Line Truss_Visibility issue.vwx

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