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Adding profile poly lines (not as symbols) to the resource manager?

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So I'd like to create a bunch of polyline profiles and have them available in the resource manager for extruding along paths, like skirting board profiles etc.

I'm only using Vectorworks a few days now, and have been able to create a blank document and add it to a user > defaults> folder in the resources.

Inside I have drawn a polyline profile, and saved.

After restating VW, the polyline object is clearly not available from the resource manager when the new file has been highlighted.

If I turn the profile into a symbol and save it to the file, then it does become available from the resource manager, but when added to a new document as a symbol it's invalid for extruding along a path.

I can see other default files in the resource manager that contain polyline profiles, and when they are added to a new document they come in as poly lines, ready for extruding along a path. So how did they get those polyline profiles to appear in the resource manager?



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You're so close!


When creating the symbol, under Other Options, check the box for Convert to Group.  The name for this seems a little unintuitive.  But if there is only one object in the symbol and Convert to Group is selected then you get only that object when inserting the symbol.  The inserted object is no longer linked to the symbol.


If there are two object then the two objects will be grouped.  Just insert the symbol and ungroup.


You can tell in the resource manager which symbols have this option checked.  Their names will be green instead of black or red.


you can also edit an existing symbol to be a Green Symbol.  Right click on the symbol in the resource manager > Edit > and under other options you can choose Convert to Group.


To make matters even more confusing, you can "unsymbolized" any object.  The command for that is called "Convert to Group". 😜

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Whoops.  Thanks, Kevin


doobox, the symbols will have blue names!  Blue means that the symbol inserts as a group or single object, not as a symbol.


Green means that it's size is independent of the layer scale or Sheet Layer Viewport scale.


Black is a normal symbol.



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Ah, thank's guys. I'm pleased a have a handle on this aspect now. As a carpenter I use a heap of mouldings.

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1 hour ago, Kevin Allen said:

I think this description creates a Blue Symbol, not a Green symbol


Kevin, keep knocking me in the head until I get it right!  

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