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NAS-Servers (Back-Up) with Vectorworks and/or Project-Sharing


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I am Michael, architect from Switzerland.

In teh swiss Forum we are discussing the use of NAS-Servers (Back-Up).

Some of us guys use one of these 2 products:

1) QNAP TS-431P*) NAS Storage Server or QNAP TS-451+)**
2) Synology DiskStation DS418play*) NAS Desktop or DS918+)** 


Nobody really knows if these work well with Project Sharing.


Could somebody give me a recommendation?

The pros and cons of NAS-Servers, and their performance in VW...


Moreover: Does anybody have an idea about the difference between performance of the normal *) and more expensive **) versions of QNAP and Synology?


thanks in advance for any hint.







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I use a Synology DS1813+. I use the Cloudstation feature to share folder structures among multiple machines, both PC and Mac. I also frequently use the Cloud Sync feature to synchronize certain project folders with Dropbox, allowing easy collaboration with outside resources. For access to non-Dropboxed folders outside of my LAN I use a VPN.


Honestly, it works very well. The server has been doing it's thing since 2013 with only occasional maintenance. When I add a new computer, it's simply a matter of installing the Cloudstation software, setting up the local folder structure, and letting it download for a couple of hours to sync up. Generally the only time I log in to the server is to set up new Dropbox sync folders.


Happy to share more perspective anytime. My Swiss German is a little rough, though. 😉




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hi Dan (danm01),

thx for reply.

I have offers for QNAP TS 431X - 2G and Synology DS 418. Both 4-bay.

I start with 2 WD Red (8TB).

The offer also includes Installation of the NAS. 

Is that necessary. Is it very complicated to get the NAS going? I am quite familiar with computers.

So, if possible I'd like to save the money and install the NAS myself.


Moreover, a colleague of mine recommended me to use Cloud-Service such as One-Drive instead of NAS.

It is even more economic and saver he says...


I should be thankful for your opinion on this.


Swiss german isn't the easiest language at all ...😉



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Hi Michael, we - at our office - just moved a month ago to DS918+.

We're still testing Project Sharing with DS918+ but we've also just moved to VW2019, and therefore it's too early for us to give you a proper feedback.

Synology was recommended to us by our VW distributor/reseller (VideoCOM, Italy), who was kind enough to share with us some of their - or maybe VW US - internal testing results. From our experience file sharing protocol is the key for Project Sharing in a macOS environment: Vectorworks works much better with afp, while Apple has moved / is moving to smb. We still do have some file sharing issues on smb, and they also affect Project Sharing: they're not related to Vectorworks but to file sharing in general.

Besides that, Synology/DSM is easy to set up, very stable, easy to maintain: we're happy about it! We do come from some kind of sophisticated server environment (network home folders, a couple of years ago) and therefore with some internal know-how, but we were able to test and set it up at the office with no issues/worries. Good luck!

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thx for your reply guys!

we are currently thinking about getting a

promise pegasus as server.

the only problem with it is:

we use a mac mini as server for project sharing documents.

this mac mini needs to be combined with promise pegasus.

but this means that all data from the very fast promise pegasus has to go through the mac mini.

as I've been told promise pegasus has great performance if directly attached to a MAC-Computer.

but through switches or in our case through a mac mini it looses much of Gbit/s.

That's why we consider to install a Synology DS1517+ 5bay NAS Server. 

We'll keep the Mac Mini for Project Sharing. But in this case Synology and Mac mini are separate.


did I explain it in a clear way? Did you understand?

what do you think about our idea for server setup?



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