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I am trying to place an outdoor panoramic background image around a model I am trying to render from 8 different camera angles.


For the background I have made an image prop using an extruded arc that has been converted into a nurbs.


On this I have placed a texture of the panoramic image, the sky has a transparency mask so I can use the HDRI sky in renderworks.


The problem I am having is trying to get the image to scale and map to where I want it on the nurbs. for some reason the image crops out and repeats in random vertical sections and does not wrap continuously around the surface, I have tried using a decal but this has proved too difficult. 

I have tried turning off horizontal and vertical tiling and this doesn't work either. 

I'm sure there has to be a way to get  this to work, any ideas much appreciated.

Screen grab.jpeg

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I have found in the past that the problem is often with the curve itself. Try creating a new arc, convert it to a nurbs curve. Then make a copy of the curve and give it the height that you need. Then use the Loft Surface Tool to create a Nurbs Surface from these two curves. Then apply your image texture to this surface and set it to Perimeter. 

Hopefully you will have something that works better?



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It's worth pointing out that we do have some "reference" panoramic backgrounds that ship with Vision. They typically consist of 6 images (usually with a 90deg FOV) that when stitched together make a cube image.


To locate the reference panoramic backgrounds, go to your Vision application's textures/App folder and look for "midnight-silence_bk.png". There are six images there; bk, dn, ft, lf, rt, up which correspond to the back, down, front, left, right, up images of the cube.


Pay special attention to the mirroring of these images and how they appear in Vision once loaded.

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