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VW2019 - Crash on Save (Everytime)

James Russell


Hi all,


Hope you're enjoying the VW2019 release...(ish).


I'm teaching a series of classes here in the world Down Under. Most of my student get the 30-Day trial in order to partake and then choose their purchase path post-classes.


I currently have two students who mid-way through the day are now unable to save work. Here's a list of interesting things happening;


  • Autosaving still works on files they were able to save previously (5 minutes apart - 10 iterations worth as my advised settings)
  • The Save, Command-S and the Save As dialogs don't function, just result in a full program crash instantly.
  • Restarting the computer has no effect. 


It's as though 2-3 hours into the class their computers now refuse to save documents - new or old!


One of them is going to do a re-install tonight although as you can imagine it's incredibly frustrating for them.


Has anyone encountered this in any form? Any ideas of things to try?


They're both using relatively new MacBooks (2016/17) High Sierra - super standard specs.


Let me know!


*Sigh* - J

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

First things to check would be that they don't have any unusual characters in their the path to their Application folder, or their user folders. If they have network user accounts, this can also sometimes cause a similar problem.

I can take a look at the following from their machines and usually find out more:


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@Jim Wilson thanks for the reply.


I checked their paths, nothing foreign there - a simple Users/Name/Documents structure.


One of them overnight has done a re-installation and the problem is solved. I'll keep you posted should it happen again on this machine and will attempt to get a report for review. More the fact that it's currently a 2 from 7 hit rate is kind of interesting. I don't know if this is isolated to the demo or 2019 overall - I would suspect the former currently.





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