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Mouse wheel zooms/scrolls too fast



Since updating to VW 11 and to Mac OSX 10.3, I find that the mouse wheel moves things way too fast. The scrolling was very smooth in VW 8.5 on OS9, but now it's virtually unusable.

I'm using a Logitech Optical Mouse on my Mac Powerbook G4, 400 MHz. I installed the latest mouse driver from Logitech, with no improvement. I set the scroll speed in the Logitech control panel as low as it will go. The result is that scrolling in VW is still way too fast. One increment of the scroll wheel moves the drawing over a half page. When zooming, one increment of the wheel doubles or halves the scale.

Meanwhile in other applications, with these same control panel settings, the scroll wheel barely moves anything anymore.

VW 8 used to work so nicely with the wheel mouse. Why is VW 11's scroll wheel behaviour so radically different from other applications?

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Hold the fort- you have mouse wheel zooming capability?

Is that a VW11 feature... I am on 9.5 - I am an autocad transferee... if I could get my mouse wheel zooming back, I would just be tickled pink. Er... happy.

Tagging along to see what becomes of this- I am also looking into vw11 within a few months as well, and I use a logitech 900 bluetooth mouse (PC guy)


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After reading up on the Logitech website, it appears that the speed of scrolling is dependent on how the application interprets the scroll wheel signal. In other words the application decides how much it's goind to move the window per increment of the wheel. So, it doesn't appear to be a driver problem since my other applications work smoothly with this mouse. I think I'll post something in the wish list forum about this, since it appears to be a common complaint.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
8 hours ago, helloarchitect said:

Yes, I still have a problem.  When I scroll forward on my Logitech Performance MX, I zoom into space at light speed.  It's incredibly frustrating.

If this doesn't happen with other mice, then normally uninstalling and reinstalling any companion software (or installing it in the first place if you havent yet) will resolve it. A lot of high end mice are capable of very fast speeds and are very sensitive, but this sensitivity curve is usually controlled in that software. If you see scrolling speed problems in Vectorworks but not out on a web browser when scrolling, this is the most likely issue.

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