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Fifth service pack for Vectorworks 2018 released

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We have released Service Pack 5 for Vectorworks 2018. This service pack focuses primarily on compatibility issues with macOS 10.14 Mojave and brings it's compatibility in line with Vectorworks 2019 SP1.


We do intend to release an SP6 for Vectorworks 2018 as well as opposed to the usual 5 because of the unusual circumstances, which will bring it in line with the macOS compatibility that we intend to offer with 2019 SP2. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
10 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

If we’re not using Mojave yet, and don’t plan to until 10.14.3 or later, should we update to SP5?

Yes, there were one or two smaller fixes that were not related to Mojave included in this SP. Two related to users seeing a "Beta Undo Alert" that isn't harmful but is an extra unnecessary click, and some related to Project Sharing stability even when using machines that don't have the 10.14 OS. I think there were also two related to the speed of editing objects within walls.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I may have stated previously that Vectorworks 2018 was only expected to get this last service pack, but we do now intend to release an SP6 as well. This allowed us to address urgent compatibility issues in a more timely manner than they would have been by our more traditional rollout schedule.

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I updated to SP5 and opening any existing files resulted in crashing Vectorworks.  I tried rebooting my computer but that didn't help.

I had to uninstall 2018 completely and reinstall using the latest installer that had SP5 already.  It all seems to be working fine now.


I have a couple verbose usage pattern crash logs I will submit.



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I tried VW 2018 SP5.

Opened some older VW 2018 Files and it did not crash for me.


What I notice is that still the first usage of a 3D Connexion Navigator will

corrupt DL View Window so that all Zoom and View Fits will not unhide

the Geometry again, until you change to Top Plan View and back.

But this came with later VW 2018 SPs and is still there.


What is new (Mojave ?) is that 3D Connexion devices don't work in

Sheet Layers anymore. And that is for VW 2019 SP1 too.

No more Zoom or Pen ....

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Updated to SP5 (Win10) and now NONE of my files that have DWG files imported into them will open. As soon as the file opens, Vectorworks immediately crashes and closes. I can even start a new file using my template file because it was based off a DWG file. Does anyone have a workaround? How do I revert back to SP4? It was working just fine. Never should have updated.... Please help!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 minute ago, Kevin K said:

Yeah, I was freakin out too when VW 2018 was crashing when trying to open any file, like what Rob mentioned. I too use InteriorCad.  But the SP 5.1 totally resolved the issue, thankfully.  Life is good again  🙂

This was one of the core reasons for the special SP, it was an unacceptable condition.



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