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MEP Elbows


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I have been using for quite a long time the HVAC tools to create ducts and pipes layout.

I am not starting get into 3d but I find some limitations.  it seems that I can't rotate the elbow other than the on z axis because it is a hybrid object.

How can I get around that?  Is there a way to make the elbows using the 3d modelling toolset?

If so, can someone please guide me on the basic steps.


Many thanks,



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Serge,  I tried this in VW 2019 & it seems to have the same limitations as you're describing in 2016. The most simple solution is to Ungroup the Duct or Elbow & you can then rotate about the Z. There are some caveats:


- 1) Ungrouping a Hybrid object takes all the controls away so it becomes just an object

- 2) As a result, if you need to amend the object in the future you will need to create a new object or manually adjust the geometry 

- 3) To keep the 3D info, you will need to Ungroup while in a 3D view or you will only get the plan view of the Ungrouped object

- 4) An Ungroup command will likely result in more than one object so you should either Group or convert to a Symbol (my choice)


Hope this helps

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