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Resource Manager is blank



And I mean really blank (see attached screen shot.) It is usually chock full of stuff. What is up with this once stable program I used to brag about? This has happened twice this morning using VW2018SP4. I'm not building a skyscraper; it's a small museum exhibition. Why is this happening? I have to quit VW and then reopen, but I'm afraid that this will become more frequent as problems don't usually fix themselves (except for the "universal fix" of winning the lottery). Any ideas? As I said, only a quit and re-open works. Please don't ask me to close and reopen the RM or any other usual717414084_ScreenShot2018-10-24at2_52_14PM.thumb.png.69e43861656b0d3a86e4b65ce15696d3.png fixes. Thanks for any help.


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Same thing has happened to me a couple of times, have to restart to get it back. Think I then was on SP4 not the same issue with SP5.

But today however when I have made som new walltypes the program freezes. Aseptically when I write info in "Data" in "Edit style". When I have filled out the field "Description" I just get the spinning ball and have to force quit the program. Happened 8 times in a row or something. Now I have to save after every step I do.... 

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