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I  have recently had to use the Autocad browser version of Autocad it's not great, but it served a purpose in that I could use Autocad in a lightweight laptop running Google Chrome, this suddenly started to make sense, a sub £300 laptop easily running a CAD program. I also managed to compare it to Sketchup doing much the same, most id not all the main tools in Sketchup were there, and once you get used to the menu split, it worked very well, and was free, ok there is no Layout,   the Autocad version limits life to do anything you need to purchase modules, but I can see both points, although I like the Sketchup version as it enables student training in 3D drawing, laying out in an Architectural sheet comes with the purchased package.

So my wish list is, can we have a browser-based version of Vectorworks, linked to all major drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, whatever, limit the sheet use by all means, but let me continue working on a cheap machine, and then use the full blown version to finish the sheets and print, export to pdf.


Ok so I am working mostly in Google Gsuites for my business, and Gmail standard for private, I have two Chromebooks which I prefer to use, over a MacBook Pro, mostly cost, the Mac was just a tad over £2000 yet both Chromebooks were less than £550, 


Revit that over bloated other CAD programs will only run on Windows and it needs a decent machine to make it useful, A good browser version of Vectorworks would not move Revit away, but the convert to Vectorworks would certainly go up, and make life for say students so much easier, not to mention small practices.

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