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Keeping the Marionette Resource Browser open



Hi folks,


there needs to be a better way of inserting nodes from the resource browser than currently possible. It is very frustrating to place a node and having the browser collapse. Searching and inserting a node becomes super tedious super fast. Maybe it's possible to lock the resource browser in place like the general resource browser. Additionaly nice would be if we could use a short cut to search for nodes and place them without moving the mouse to the upper most left corner like it is the case now.


Best regards,



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3 minutes ago, Jim Wilson said:

I have only worked a few short projects using the Marionette tool and I absolutely agree. It really does need it's own quasi-palette.


There's a lot of places it would be useful to keep dialogs open or even docked - Marionette, Replace Symbol so you could explore a few options and see results, Script Editors, Colour Palettes, Worksheets. If you were able to create a Marionette workspace and dock the Marionette palette, it could automatically activate the Marionette tool when you clicked into it. It could also switch back out of Debug mode when you clicked into it. (I'm not sure why you can't click on the node dropdown now and automatically switch out of Debug mode. Too many clicks.)


Let @Stephan Moenninghoff do his interface magic here too 🙂



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