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How do you work? Workspace Configurations

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Hey all!

There has been a lot of UI talk both publicly and privately here. To that end, I realized this is something I never focused much on: How do you have your workspace arranged?

Below is how i like to set things up on a 4K screen, I sacrifice the Vis palette and swap the Resource Manager from its vertical configuration to a larger but auto-collapsed mode if I'm working on 1080p. (Often for training and presentations)


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 4.06.17 PM.png


At work and at home I often use multiple monitors, but I normally keep Vectorworks confined to the main display. At most I will pop a multiview pane or the Resource Manager on its own to a secondary display.

How do you arrange things? Why do you like it that way? What don't you like about any limits you have to how things can be configured?

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My set up on two screens. The resource manager on auto hide on secondary screen with floating view pane below. Auto-hide script palettes at top of main screen alongside snap palette. OIP docked full height to right so minimal scrolling. Tool palettes to left of main screen. These have been customised to a standard office workspsce.





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Here's my layout. Since most of what I model is built from scratch, I normally work from my custom horizontal palette (it used to be two, divided between the Rotate and Text tool). Often the Tool Sets at the left hand side are closed completely to free up more space for the drawing window. I like having the Resource Manager available but out of the way until needed using the auto-hide feature. I find that with theatre/event work having drawing window width can be more important than having height.


Things I wish were better -

  1. Docking of horizontal palettes. I would like to dock mine above the drawing window but the only option means everything would spread full width which isn't great. I'd like to maintain the relationship of the tools to each other (both left/right and up/down) and I'd like to dock the palette only over the drawing window, not over top of the Navigation Palette or Tool Sets.
  2. Docking of the Snapping Palette. Ideally it would be able to dock in the same place as I just described, or into the Mode Bar. Note that there's no way to orient/dock the Snapping Palette so its layout matches its longtime keyboard shortcuts, which would make it easier to use.
  3. I would like to be able to dock a Script Editor window or a Worksheet window into the layout (or have them auto-hide like the Resource Manager).
  4. The Attributes Palette needs to be more flexible in its docking/orientation/layout.




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I like to spread out across two monitors. I feel too constrained on one monitor, although I'm still rocking 1080p's.




I'd really like it if palette docking worked on the second screen.


I'd also love to be able to lock my workspace once I have everything where I want it so I can't accidentally drag a palette out of position.


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- Two monitors

- I like the floating palettes & they all float on the right

- Large monitor to the left with drawing & 3 palettes

- Basic palette is customized with 80% of the common tools (I also have a lot of keyboard shortcuts)

- Right monitor has Navigation palette maximized Tools & Resources minimized

- The Right monitor allows me to have open PDF's, Websites, documents, mail etc open and available as required1225424196_ScreenShot2018-10-24at13_58.55(2).thumb.png.68091c512637c179a704620147430e03.png1958907133_ScreenShot2018-10-24at13_58_55.thumb.png.361473a6c185b2dc3362633d3d20e309.png


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