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PDF Export - Scale oddities with positioning?

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Can someone explain what this weirdness is when exporting to PDF?


1. Draw two circles at x:0 y:0, one with 2'0" diameter, one 2'6" diameter on a design layer with scale of 1:24

2. Create a viewport to sheet layer

3. Duplicate a few times each with a different scale from 1:200 to 1:1300


Everything looks fine on the screen...




Export to PDF and things get funky. What's going on here?







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Thanks! The DPI setting on the Export PDF dialog does appear to help fix the issue. Although I have to set it about 1200 DPI before all the circles look correct which seems excessively high.


I guess the next question is how do I set the DPI with the Publish command? This is how I normally export PDFs since my drawings almost always have multiple pages. I can't find anywhere to set the DPI when using Publish, and it doesn't appear to use the DPI of the Sheet Layer.



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