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DSelectAll not working in 2019?

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I've been using a simple script for years now to de-select all objects, which is particularly useful when I'm zoomed in or working in 3D with no empty space to click on in order to de-select objects (works nicely with a <shift><cmd><A> keyboard shortcut). However, this script no longer works for me in 2019. I've tried re-compiling it, double-checked that the DselectAll VS function still exists, and re-assigned it in my workspace, but it still doesn't work. Any pointers? Thanks...




PROCEDURE DeselectAll;


RUN (DeselectAll);


Deselect All.vsm

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Hi Markus,


I don't know about your command but I do use DeselectAll in a lot of scripts and it continues to work there. Do you know you can also deselect all by holding the Spacebar down then double tapping the X key? The Spacebar preserves the current tool selection. If you don't need this, then just double tapping X will suffice.



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The script is working fine for me as well. As a side note, when a script doesn’t need variables or constants, you don’t need to wrap the script in Procesure/Run. This script can be a single line:




To add to Julian’s trick, double-clicking the selection tool deselected all, and any tool that has a double-click function will similarly respond to a double-tap of the keyboard shortcut. For example, double tap the shortcut for pan to refresh the screen, zoom to zoom in by a factor of two, rectangle to parametrically create a rectangle, etc. 

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