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Name of a color in a palette to worksheet


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Hi all,


So I have set up custom palettes with named colors, eg. I have a "Floor" palette with different, named epoxy colors such as "Nanten 340" etc.


I use these palettes and color to visually assing the space object fill. Once I've a nice color scheme, I'd like to read the info to a worksheet directly.


The problem is, I can't find a suitable function.


I can find image, image fill, hatch etc. but not a function or a record for a color name in a palette. I've used this succesfully with images by grabbing a flooring carpet image from a manufacturer's website, naming it correctly and importing that into VW and then assigning the image fill to a space object. Then I can just read the info to my worksheet.


However, this requires the extra step of creating an image and quite often one can do with colour codes(names) alone.


I can also find a way to get the RGB values of the fills but this is not helpful really.


Any ideas? Is there such a function/search criteria?





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I'd also like to know if this is possible - I understand it may be trixky as the colours are much more wide ranging that Hatches or image fills that are all resources and therefore cleary defined and associated with the specific file.

Is supect the answer (at least since VW 2021) is to use data visualisations to set the colours of the spaces based on some criteria of the space (floor finish for instance). That being said for early stage stuff when we are working with polygons (with colours for different functions) I'd love to be able to do some quick and dirty analysis based on the colours.

@JMR a workaround woudl eb to set up a series of hatches with one widely spaced line the same colour as the background that reflect your colour palete - is still double the works like importing an image.

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This might help:

The attached file contains a worksheet that uses scripts to get the object's "Class Description" and Fill Color Name.  As long as the scripts are in the file, those functions will work.  However, there's no way I know of to get the Color Palette Name in a worksheet.

Color Name and Class Desc in Worksheet v2021.vwx

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